Ok, ok; that title is the most cheeseball thing I’ve ever written, but bear with me.  Valentines Day is for being gushy and ridiculous about the people we care about, so I wanted to channel that energy into the thing I love enough to start a blog about: BACKPACKING. My Body, My Choice Backpacking is such an empowering adrenaline rush.  Every time I put on my fully loaded pack and hike up… Read More

The one word that comes to mind when I think of Alaska is WILD.  That might just be some very successful state marketing, but it truly is the most wild place I’ve ever been.  Moose wander down the highways, bears hang out on bike paths around cities, whales enjoy the warm shallow waters of ports; when you’re in Alaska, there is simply no escaping nature. Last summer we spent 10 days visiting… Read More

Edit: Here is a map of the area and driving directions!   This was the first (but certainly not the last) backpacking trip that really pushed me past what I thought I was capable of, both physically and mentally.  The lower trail was covered by water due to high snow fall levels that winter, so we ended up taking the upper trail.  The trail is well maintained and easy enough to follow, with… Read More

Superstition Wilderness view, seguaro cacti drive to trail 110

Throw back to my very first backpacking trip!  As far as gear goes, I was woefully ill-equipped for this adventure, but the beauty of the desert and the historically charged final destination more than made up for my sore shoulders and barely there sleeping pad. The Drive The scenery up to the trail head is absolutely amazing.  The Superstition Mountains rise straight up from the ground to the east of Phoenix, with… Read More

Frank Wurl Trail Rapid River Idaho Hikes

Every new adventure is also a new opportunity for learning, and this trail taught us some very important lessons: 1: DON’T DRINK ON THE TRAIL (especially if you’re not totally sure how much further you have to hike) I guess this should be backpacking 101, but when you’re out in the wilderness with friends, it’s easy to forget the fundamentals.  We knew that the first part of the hike was 4 miles… Read More

Born Lakes Whiteclouds Wilderness Sawtooths Idaho

The White Clouds Wilderness represents a piece of American outdoor beauty that makes long uphill grinds and painful new-boots blisters worth the effort.  We’ve started on the 4th of July trailhead twice now, and both times have yielded very different but equally enthralling scenery, animal encounters and “geez I’m out of shape!” revelations. A two night backpacking trip to the Born Lakes was my introduction to the Sawtooth National Recreation Area, and… Read More