Blue Lake near Cascade Idaho at sunset

Even though I grew up here, Idaho continually knocks my metaphorical socks off with how pristine and beautiful it is, especially if you’re willing to travel a little off of the beaten track.  Blue Lake is one of those pristine beautiful places that is more well known but still manages to feel secluded and magical – and it’s only a two hour drive from Boise.   Getting there was so easy; directions… Read More

boise national forest, bogus basin, stack rock boise

I’ve lived in Boise for most of my life, and only just recently hiked Stack Rock for the first time.  I had no idea just how huge and imposing the actual rock is, and the hike to it is a perfect example of what hiking in the Boise National Forest is all about. The Trailhead The trail starts about 45 minutes up Bogus Basin Road, just after mile marker 13.  There is… Read More

Boise downtown at sunset camel's back park hull's gulch reserve

If you look up Camel’s Back Park or Hull’s Gulch, you’ll be shown pages upon pages of all the great activities you can do around this part of Boise.  It’s not a secret that Camel’s Back Park is a popular spot; it’s placement in Boise’s historic North End near Hyde Park is enough to make it a great place to spend an afternoon, enjoying a game of ultimate frisbee, slacklining in the… Read More

Note: This trail is closed until the beginning of 2019 due to fire damage. The Crooked River Trail is a very easy trail located in the Boise National Forest.  This whole area is a haven for outdoor enthusiasts of any sort.  In the summer, hiking, backpacking, fishing and a variety of motor sports all have dedicated space, and in the winter, cross-country skiing, snowmobiling and snowshoeing are popular ways to enjoy this… Read More

Frank Wurl Trail Rapid River Idaho Hikes

Every new adventure is also a new opportunity for learning, and this trail taught us some very important lessons: 1: DON’T DRINK ON THE TRAIL (especially if you’re not totally sure how much further you have to hike) I guess this should be backpacking 101, but when you’re out in the wilderness with friends, it’s easy to forget the fundamentals.  We knew that the first part of the hike was 4 miles… Read More

Born Lakes Whiteclouds Wilderness Sawtooths Idaho

The White Clouds Wilderness represents a piece of American outdoor beauty that makes long uphill grinds and painful new-boots blisters worth the effort.  We’ve started on the 4th of July trailhead twice now, and both times have yielded very different but equally enthralling scenery, animal encounters and “geez I’m out of shape!” revelations. A two night backpacking trip to the Born Lakes was my introduction to the Sawtooth National Recreation Area, and… Read More