Mountain Goats through binoculars harding icefield trail hike seward alaska kenai fjords national park

I don’t own a telephoto lens because: They’re expensive I’m a klutz My backpack is heavy enough without a whole bunch of camera equipment in it Luckily for me there’s an easy way to get clear, close up pictures!  I learned this trick on my first trip to Alaska, when we visited Potter Marsh; we could see a young bull moose waaaaaay in the distance but I couldn’t get a clear picture… Read More

Pre-Filtration Method for Sediment Heavy Water | The Backpack Almanac

WARNING: This is NOT a substitute for proper filtration. This method is to be used in conjunction with a water filter in cases where water sources have a lot of sediment or large particles that would cause clogging or improper filtering with just a regular water filter. I recently used this method on the trail when we backpacked The Honeycombs near the Owyhee Reservoir in Oregon.  I am happy to report that this worked… Read More