Stargaze like a Champ!

Note: This is not a sponsored post and there are plenty of other astronomical apps out there, this is just the one I have been using for a while and really like certain features of it.

Growing up, my dad would wake us up in the middle of the night to watch meteor showers, and we always played the “planet or star?” game whenever we got the chance.  He is an enthusiastic astronomy nerd, and I am happily following in his footsteps.  I even learned more complex Italian by reading and taking notes in an astronomy textbook!  I find the night sky to be wholly overwhelming and entirely humbling, and I’ve realized that knowing exactly what I’m looking at makes me even more appreciative of the infinite universe surrounding us.

I use an app called Sky Map to track stars, planets, satellites, meteor showers; anything and everything to do with space.  I have used other astronomy apps in the past, but find Sky Map to be really simple and easy to use, and the red light night mode is essential to keeping my eyes from having to readjust every time I look at my phone.

Sky Map doesn’t need internet or cell reception; I use it while my phone is on airplane mode and it always works no matter where we are.

This is a really fun way to take full advantage of starry sky viewing.  Find the app that works for you, and enjoy learning about the mysteries of this fantastic universe from the view on our pale blue dot!


2 Comments on “Stargaze like a Champ!

  1. The Astromony Nerd says he is very glad you appreciate the vast universe and remember what he was hoping you would get out of those early morning wake ups.

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