Quick Tip: Use binoculars to scope your phone

I don’t own a telephoto lens because:

  1. They’re expensive
  2. I’m a klutz
  3. My backpack is heavy enough without a whole bunch of camera equipment in it

Luckily for me there’s an easy way to get clear, close up pictures!  I learned this trick on my first trip to Alaska, when we visited Potter Marsh; we could see a young bull moose waaaaaay in the distance but I couldn’t get a clear picture of him.  Another woman on the boardwalk showed me how to position my phone camera lens against the binoculars in a way that gave me a much clearer shot of the moose, and I’ve been using this strategy ever since.

Here’s the difference, an example from our Harding Icefield Trail hike.

No Binoculars

mountain goats on the Harding Icefield Trail near Exit Glacier Kenai Fjords National Park

With Binoculars

Mountain Goats through binoculars harding icefield trail hike seward alaska kenai fjords national park

Results will vary depending on the power of your binoculars, but hopefully you’ll be able to get some amazing shots!

Use binoculars to Scope your phone

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