Vacation Chronicles: Seward, Alaska

Check out Vacation Chronicles: Anchorage, Alaska for more info about things to do in AK!

Vacation Chronicles snow covered mountain near Seward AK

Seward is a small city located in the Kenai Peninsula.  It is a popular tourist destination thanks to its position; fishing, hiking, sightseeing, whale watching, etc. are all easily accessible, while the small town feel keeps the wild vibe of the state in tact.  We took a day trip here and it was the perfect combination of outdoor activity and “touristy” experiences.

Alaska Sea Life Center

Sea Lion at Alaska Sea Life Center Vacation Chronicles Seward Alaska

The Alaska Sea Life Center is a truly unique and interactive public aquarium / research center.  Their mission statement perfectly sums up the experience: “The Alaska Sea Life Center generates and shares scientific knowledge to promote understanding and stewardship of Alaska’s marine ecosystems.”  Gigantic sea lions swim in lazy circles around crystal blue tanks, an interactive “touch tank” allows guests to feel starfish and sea anemones in the frigid water of their natural habitat, and an observation deck is a great place to view whales as they enjoy the warmer water in the harbor.  I would absolutely recommend a visit to the center for anyone and everyone, as it gives visitors a chance to see local wildlife and learn about the importance of preserving the natural environment that makes Alaska so special.

Puffins Alaskan Sea Life Center Seward Alaska

Exit Glacier: Kenai Fjords National Park

Exit Glacier Kenai Fjords near Seward Alaska

Exit Glacier is just the tip of the iceberg (ice pun very much intended) when it comes to the frozen landscape of the Kenai Fjords National Park.  Located about 10 miles outside of Seward, Exit Glacier is accessible by road and a 20 minute walk / hike along a forest trail.  Markers along the trail show the gradual recession of the glacier over the last 120 years, a sobering reminder of the effects of climate change.  I always love looking at the geological timeline of wild places, and the gravel lined Outwash Plain leading up to the glacier shows the power of the elements that carved it, as well as the tenacity of plant life that has sprung up as the glacier has receded.

prop plane flyover Exit Glacier Seward Alaska

Alaska is a vast, wild, unspoiled treasure of a state.  Everywhere you go, snow-covered peaks rise out of glacial lakes, wild flowers dominate the landscape and moose meander around looking for food.  Although most of our adventures centered around Anchorage, it was well worth hopping in the car and driving for a few hours to get to some of the other places we visited!

Sea Lion Alaska Sea Life Center Seward Alaska

I really wanted to swim with these guys, or at least squeeze them like the giant, water bound Totoro that they are.


3 Comments on “Vacation Chronicles: Seward, Alaska

  1. Seward is my favorite place on earth! I lived there a few years ago (I’m in Anchorage now) but I still go there a few times a year. Next time you go you have to try kayaking out at Fox Island and taking a glacier/whale watching tour out to Aialik Glacier!

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    • We are planning to hike the Harding Ice Field trail and I’m hoping to go kayaking! I’ll put food Fox Island on the list of things to do!


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